Lighting Ideas For Your Backyard

Don’t let the darkness hinder any backyard activities going on during the night time such as swimming and barbecuing. 

The three primary types of backyard illumination are safety lighting, which deters prowlers and helps navigation; landscape lighting accentuates garden elements; and accent lighting, which draws attention to the hardscape.

Security Lighting

Security lighting, typically the brightest backyard lighting, is used to illuminate broad areas and deter potential criminals or dangerous animals.

Motion-sensing LED flood lights, which mount to the surface of outside siding or walls and feature two- or three-bulb housing units that turn on only when built-in sensors detect activity in the area, are your best choice for security.

Path Lighting

Path lighting is a type of landscape and safety lighting that is designed to help you navigate walks while also highlighting them.

Low-voltage and solar LED path lighting typically consists of a decorative bulb housing unit attached to a short stake driven into the ground.

String Lighting

String lighting is a type of low-voltage accent lighting that is used to create a warm, intimate environment, which is ideal for entertaining.

Outdoor Wall Lighting

Outdoor wall lighting is a low-voltage, moderately bright type of safety and accent lighting that is primarily used to enlighten and assist navigation in recessed regions of the yard where shadows lurk.

Deck Lighting

LED Deck lighting is low-voltage, moderate- to high-intensity lighting that is used at night to help people navigate up, down.

Spot Lighting

Spotlighting is standard-voltage landscaping lighting that shines narrow, moderate- to high-intensity beams upwards, usually highlighting a plant or ornamental feature.