LED under cabinet lights are the most convenient and practical application available for homeowners. You can understand by the name that these are lighting fixtures installed under the cabinets and are primarily used inside the kitchen area. The cabinet lighting illuminates the space directly below the cabinets.

Under Cabinet Lighting

Kitchen lighting is an essential component of the cooking area where it helps read recipes and cook food. They not only improve the illumination but also improve the design aesthetics of your kitchen space.

The under cabinet LED lighting has several advantages attached to it. The primary advantage is they are very resourceful and efficient.

These are old lighting fixtures used inside the kitchen space in the 90s and early 2000. The downside of both fixtures are –

The downside of fluorescent and halogen lights

Continuous switch OFF and ON degrades the lifespan of the fluorescent fixture. The light contains harmful gases and is dangerous if broken. Disposal is a challenge.


The lifespan of halogen bulbs is poor in comparison with LED under cabinet lights. Out of the total power consumption, only 10% of it used in actual lighting. Heat dissipation is an issue with halogen bulbs.


The lights are energy-efficient and have a ridiculously longer lifespan when compared to halogen and fluorescent light fixtures.

The benefits of LED under cabinet lights

The under cabinet lights make efficient use of lights. It directs the light where it is needed and covers most of the area.

Advantages of under cabinet illumination

The LED lights have a higher level of CRI (color rendering index), showing the actual colors of the objects.

They are the most popular choice for lighting purposes. They are used to illuminate areas like countertops, stoves, and the sink area.

Types of LED under cabinet lights

Traditional linear fixtures

They are a favorite among designers. The puck lights are compact and small. They can deliver ample brightness to the kitchen area and are energy-efficient.

LED puck lights

The strip lights can create functional detail lighting, which is perfect for the under cabinets. After installation, they can be seen like small dots shining brightly on the countertop and give a consistent look.

LED Strip lights