Guide for Landscape Lighting

Using all kinds of outdoor lights together can give life to your property at night. For example, some lighting fixtures brighten up driveways and walkways

Few lighting can be used together to offer a better feel outside. LED Flood lights, LED bollard lights, and LED spotlights and Solar Landscape Lighting are famous lighting fixtures used together for landscape lighting.

Types of Landscape Lighting

There are various landscape lighting that can increase the curb appeal with a layered look using different lights:

Well Lights: These lights are installed in the ground and throw upward lighting to plantings and trees. LED Bollard Lights: These are used to brighten up the driveways and walkways.

LED flood lights and spotlights: Highlight fountains, trees, plants, or other interesting places in the yard with LED spotlights. Floodlights can brighten up large areas, and spotlights offer a focused lighting beam.

Deck & step lights: Increase the safety of your place with deck and step lights. Post Cap Lights: These lights are placed on the end of the railings. This lighting adds additional illumination to porches and decks.

Three Kinds of Lighting Systems

Low Voltage Landscape Lighting: This lighting system have a transformer that steps own or converts the home’s higher current voltage into a lower voltage, generally 12 volts. This voltage system reduces the risk of electric shock and makes installation easier since the electric wire cable runs without a conduit. We suggest using low voltage current systems.

Line voltage: This system is hard-wired into your house, with 110-120 volt standard feed. Solar Powered lights: These are not an actual system, just self-contained lights. Using them in sunny climates and bright daylight conditions offers the best results.

Advantages of using LED Landscape Lighting

The LED lighting fixture has a longer lifespan and more energy-efficient than ordinary bulbs. Still, thinking about why LED is perfect for landscape lighting? 1. With the lower cost, you can switch on the lights in the evening. 2. LED flood light last years and has a longer lifespan. So now you don’t need to worry about frequent changing of outdoor bulbs.        3. Due to lower energy consumption, you can add more LED spot lights to transform your area beautifully.

Color Temperature and Brightness

Color Temperature: Warmer colors between 2700K to 3000K range look great at night and add extra glow. Color temperatures are denoted in kelvins.

Brightness: Low lumens light will be enough to produce sufficient lighting for many landscape locations. Having a lower light level also saves energy. Adding 2 or more lower-level lights can offer excellent brightness.

Customize lighting System

Cable: Use outdoor rated low voltage wire for landscape systems. It is good to have an extra cable if you plan to change your layout. Lights: You can use a mix of LED spot lights, LED bollard lights, and LED flood lights to fulfill your requirements. Connectors: Using these can help in connecting cables and lights. These also come in waterproof and corrosion-proof.

Landscape Transformers: These come in both plug-in and hard wire versions, helping lower the home’s voltage.