Can You Cut LED Light Strips ?

LED strip lights are the most versatile lighting products and go smoothly with your requirements. They complete your mood lighting needs with extreme flexibility and durability.

Define LED strip lights?

The LED strip lights are slim strips with tiny SMD chips that emit light and brighten a given area. 

Can you cut LED lights, and they still work?

The answer is yes; one can cut LED strip lights as per your requirements. However, you have to cut them along the designated lines.

Can you cut LED lights anywhere else?

Instead of cutting the designated lines, there is a risk of damage to the strip lights if you cut any other part.

Will both sides of the, LED strip light work after cutting them?

The answer is yes, both sides of the strip light will work even after you cut them. The main reason is the designated cutting points. 

The cutting points are a safe place where you can carve the strip lights without damaging them.

How to cut LED strip lights?

First, check the LED strip lights by connecting them to a power source as cutting or soldering finishes your warranty period.

Can we use dimmable drivers with LED strip lights?

These lights are indeed dimmable, and the drivers power the LED strip lights. Therefore, the drivers need to cover the wattage of the strip.

Troubleshooting measure

Customizing the LED strip lights can be a challenging task. Mistakes may happen, so follow the given measures while cutting. 

Check whether the LED strip lights are designed to have designated cut areas or not.

The damage is done if the cuts were made on any other part of the designated area.

The second measure is to check that all cuts were made at the right place or not.

Cutting outside the designated area will damage the individual circuit. So you need to revive and trim back to the closest cutting line. 

If the LED strip lights operate with different brightness shades, then it faces a voltage drop.