Upgrade 8FT Fluorescent to LED

You might be working in dark or dim areas, straining your eyes to see things while working. But it is not suitable for your health, and it can lead to mishaps.

Are you still using energy-consuming Fluorescent Shop Lights?

Are you tired of high energy bills and poor lighting experience? Convert your fluorescent lights with 8ft led shop lights for a better lighting experience and reduction in energy bills.

Two Ways to convert your Fluorescent Shop Lights to LED

Once you finalize your decision about converting into LED lights, you will have to decide whether you want to buy the new fixtures or retrofit your old fixtures.

If your existing fixtures don’t create any issues, are in good condition, and have some years left, you can use them instead of changing the complete fixtures. 

On the other hand, if you want to change the number of fixtures, location, look of the light, or if your fixture is not working properly,

Option 1: Retrofit Your Fluorescent Lights with LED Shop light

So if you are planning to install your new LED shop lights in your existing fixture, no worries; this is an easy and simple wiring task that takes less time.

Option 2: Install New 8ft LED Shop Light Fixtures

if you choose this option, that means either your existing fixture is not working, or you just want to upgrade for the look or better performance. Then you will have to purchase a new LED fixture.

T8 8 Foot V Shape LED Tube 60w 7200 Lumens Integrated 6500k Clear

T8 8ft led Tube lights 48W R17 5800 lumens 5000K Clear

8 FT LED Shop Light, 60Watt Replacement (160W), 5000K Frosted Lens, V-Shape Integrated Tube

T8 8 Foot V Shape LED Tube 60w 7200 Lumens Integrated 6500k Clear