Can you imagine how many hours it takes to change LED lights bulbs? Not much as it is an easy process. First: Hold the led bulbs, and Second: spin the ladder.

However, installing the correct light bulbs to your lighting fixture is also not very difficult. All you need to have is a quick guide and ruler.

Want to know the light bulb bases, screw-type bases with a thread around them, or a 2-point pin type that connects to the base.

Understand the LED Lights Bulbs Bases

You may look surprised, but the most common and used bulbs are Edison based on the creator of the bulb, Thomas Edison.

Among the pin bases, the GU10 bulb is the leader and the most commonly used base. There are actually 2 small circular knobs with a 10 mm distance between both the knobs.

Various Sizes of Light Bulb Bases

The E26 is the most common LED bulb base type; however, E12 or E11 c andelabra bulb bases are also fairly used. The mogul E39 and intermediate E17 sizes are more rare.

GU10 has a twist and lock spotlight base, standard everywhere.

However, bayonet BA15 bases are not common in the US.

What Is Standard Base Type?

The most common or standard bulb base that is used all over the US is E26 screw-type base. There are the best you can get, and it is good to have them in stock.

Do LED Bulbs bases impact performance and voltage?

Some light bulb base types allow only lin voltage bulbs to be connected, those are called E light bulbs.

Some bulb bases only allow low voltage bulbs to stay connected, which comes with 12 V, or different voltages( 24V, 36V).

Final Words

While the general incandescent and CFL bulbs are slowly being replaced, the Edison screw-type base LED light bulbs are here to stay for a bright future.