Is it Possible to Connect LED Strip Lights Together?

Perhaps, LED strip lights are the fan-favorite and famous among all the LED lighting fixtures. However, they can be used for various places and purposes, instantly enhancing the place’s mood.

You can easily connect LED strips together depending on your power source and the strip’s power output. This lighting can be connected using cable and connectors. You can also connect two strip lights together, as cutting them into the desired sizes is easy.

Use a sharp blade to remove the protective plastic layer to uncover the circuit connection dots, now use connectors. Finally, connect the strips using soldering the copper pads of strips or connectors.

Is it possible to connect various brand LED light strips together?

Connecting separate brands of LED strip lights together is possible if they provide the same voltage.

Is it safe to connect various strip lights?

It is not ideal for connecting multiple light strips as they can’t work on the same power source. For example: Connecting a series of cheap strip lights can lead to a fire hazard as they use low-grade thin material that cannot sustain high currents.

Should You Connect LED Strips In Parallel Or Series?

When it comes to the series circuits, the lights are connected end to end. So you only need to plug the power supply into the first strip in the chain.

How to connect LED lights together?

There are two main methods of connecting LED strips. The best and easy way to connect them is with strip connectors, and the tough road is to solder the connection pads.

Using connectors to connect LED strip lights

There are various types and shapes of connectors available in the market. Choose according to your light, manufacturing instruction, and requirement.

How to connect LED lights by soldering?

You may be surprised, but there is a way to connect the strip lights without the connectors.

Keep these things in mind while connecting LED strips.

We have already explained most of the things; still, there are a couple of things to keep in mind that we are gonna summarize this topic.

It is essential to only use the safe power supply for more wattages than the strip light requirement while connecting more LED strip lights to the single power supply.

Avoid using the same or less rated power supply as the combined strip watts. It can create a risk of voltage drop.