Step 1

Be sure to empty your pool until you are ready for LED strip lighting. Also, one should mount ground fault circuit interrupters between power supplies to interrupt the flow of electricity if there’s an issue with either one, which would make it safer than other types of accidents that happen while using them. Finally, create a dry area for a better installation process. Do not connect the wire to the power source until the installation is complete.

Step 2

The first thing you’ll want to do is measure the diameter of your pool before ordering any LED strip lights. You may also need a wire that can handle 18 gauge wiring; depending on how far away from each other, both ends will be and where they go through in their paths (dips or turns). 

Once those two dimensions are known, it’s easy mathematics – just multiply them together for length! Then calculate how much distance there should be between amplifiers according to controller estimate based on what kind of installation best suits YOUR requirements. As long as all calculations make sense, then connect everything up per instructions provided.

Step 3

Please connect the RGB LED controller to your power supply. Then, cut away the barrel from its wiring, strip back other wires on this device so they can link up with a source of electricity, and install it in place.

Step 4

You need to cut the remaining end of the controller from the connector and strip the wires. Then, strip the other wires and connect them to the power supply.

Step 5

To keep the strips in place as you go, use mounting clips if your pool bottom is flat. Then, drill tiny holes through trusses, so they are easy to install underwater with adhesive or nails and hammer them into shape after the installation has been completed.

Step 6

The silicone caps at the end of these pool LED strip lights are handy for resealing them when you’re done using them. Fortunately, they also prevent water from getting inside! Make sure to install strips one and two, then attach your light strip by following these simple steps: 

use a sharp razor (careful not cut conductive traces), fill with silicon/reseal switch cap into place – slip it over bottom half 1A plug on each side; fit 2 back into frame correctly so that there is no gap between front faceplates.

Step 7

Install the amplifiers once the new end wires are connected with the strip. Mount the amplifiers and provide 3M adhesion to them. 

Step 8

Plug the power supply with the attached cord of the LED strip lights. Then, switch it ON to enjoy the pool lighting decor. The higher IP ratings make sure that there is no water or moisture inside the fixture.

Refill your swimming pool with water and make sure that you leave space for the water level and LED strip lights.