LED Strip Lighting Ideas

Every LED decorative light has its specifications and usage. The lighting professionals come up with LED strip lighting ideas for both your interiors and exteriors.

What do you require for decorative wall lighting?

First of all, prepare a plan and take the space measurements to install LED lights. Then you will get an idea of how many LED light strips for a room are required. 

Decorative lights for television

Installing the strip lights on the back of your television is the most straightforward task. 

The vision is excellent, and it sets the mood for that perfect date. For the TV set, RGP light strips are the best choice for a colorful effect.

LED strip lights for bedrooms

The bedroom is an essential part of any household. It is the place where you seek some comfort and relaxation at the end of a busy day.

LED strip lights for living rooms

One can use LED strip lights in all the room spaces inside the house. However, single-colored strip lights or RGB lights are the best choices for the living room.

LED strip lights for Ceiling

LED strip lights are a great way to add some extra layer and interest in your living room. If you're trying not only highlight features, but also create depth from multiple types of lighting effects - like those found on dimmer switches or chandeliers- then this could be just what's needed!

Below the Sofa

The yellow light from under your sofa is not just for cosying up with a book on those lazy Sunday afternoons, it can also help you create an atmosphere that's perfect for holding parties. With LED strip lights installed below furniture pieces like sofas and sectionals in various colors (or even patterns), any room will become one-of-a kind!

TV Background Wall

LED strips are an excellent choice for making your TV background wall stand out and improving the appearance of any living room. Not only will they protect you eyesight, but dimming them slightly (or avoiding dreamcolor lighting) is best whenwatching television in this area because it helps reduce eyestrain from bright lights behind screens!

Under cabinets LED Strip Lights

The under-cabinet lighting in a kitchen is designed to illuminate the area underneath your cabinets. This type of fixture can be found most often near upper reaches, and helps make you swoon over showroom kitchens!

Make wardrobes glamorous

You may add some glitz to your fitted furniture by casing bedroom closets with LED lighting. The warm glow adds glitz to the room and creates a welcoming atmosphere. Make sure to hide wires for a cleaner appearance.

Bring about a Banister Glow

Installing an LED strip light on the underside of a stair railing can produce a stunning but easy floating effect. My Mindful Home built this useful DIY light feature by tucking the cables behind the wall and out of sight. The blogger also added a Philips Smart Home Lighting Motion Sensor, which enabled the lights to turn on or off automatically when someone entered or departed the house - genius!