Perfect Guide to Kitchen Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting fixtures illumination appears from a ceiling hole and throws downward direct light.

Kitchen recessed lighting provides a classy, clean and sleek look that can brighten up an area with an inviting and warm ambiance along with offering sufficient lighting for entertaining and cooking.

Is Recessed Lighting enough for a Kitchen?

Kitchen lighting needs to be well-planned and sufficient illumination is required to help you provide a welcoming feel and work efficiently.

Using recessed lighting can help you accomplish essential kitchen tasks such as cooking and food preparation while brightening the entire space.

Recessed lighting fixtures also help in creating mood effects. Normally, recessed fixtures in a kitchen are the best option if you want to have functionality with aesthetics.

The recessed lighting kitchen provides a minimalist and clean appearance. This is suitable for the whole kitchen space, such as the cooking area, island bars, countertops, sink, and open floor space.

How Many Recessed are Lights perfect for illuminating the Kitchen?

Having few or too many recessed lighting is one of the common mistakes people make while using recessed lighting.

The perfect placement is to use one recessed lighting every 15-25 sq ft of ceiling space to offer balanced illumination to your kitchen area. However, this also depends on the quantity of light you prefer.

Recessed Lighting for Small Kitchen

Six recessed lightings are generally enough in two rows along the length of kitchen space for smaller kitchens.

Kitchen Recessed Lighting Tips

The kitchen is a very special and essential space for your home. It is an area where people love to spend time and try to accomplish particular tasks such as cooking, eating, and learning new recipes.

Alternative Kitchen Lighting to Recessed Lighting

Kitchen recessed lighting is the common choice for modern kitchen spaces. This lighting can fill the dark spots and shadows for general kitchen lighting.

Kitchen Pendant and Chandeliers

Pendant lighting and small chandeliers are the best choices for kitchen lighting. These are generally used above island bars. Bigger pendants are used for the visual centerpieces, and smaller pendants are used for working spaces.