What is The Difference Between Soft White vs Daylight ?

Color temperatures like daylight and soft white change how a space or object looks when the light illuminates.

Differences between Soft White vs Daylight

Daylight is more white, far cool, and blueish tones. However, Soft white has warm tones and a yellow color range.

Soft White is perfect for:

Under Cabinets Residential Closets Bedrooms Kitchen Bathrooms

Daylight is perfect for:

Display Cases Signage Garages Commercial Offices

Soft White vs Daylight temperature for Bathrooms

In most vanity or bathroom applications, you need a brighter illumination. We recommend choosing color temperature ranges from 3000K to 5000K. 

Here are things to remember:

Paint color Size of the room Cabinetry color Existing natural light Countertop color

Soft White vs Daylight LED light for Kitchens.

Soft light is the most ideal and primary choice for transitional or traditional kitchens. A daylight fixture is harsher than a warmer light. Warmer lights look excellent in earthy tones.

Guide to Soft White vs Daylight for Bedrooms

Generally, the bedroom is the space where we go to wind down and relax. A warm, or even a yellowish light, soft white light is preferred in bedrooms. You should choose between 2000K to 3500K LED light for better lighting in your bedrooms. 

Soft White Lights

Soft white is probably the most popular color for residential applications. I would consider it a 2700K-3000K or a warm white as well. Soft white color tones just work in more settings than a daylight bulb does.

Daylight Lights

When shopping around for a daylight fixture, you can easily find lots of the most popular fixture styles.