Sudden Light Came on–And stopped working,

Check the dimmer’s connection and spec chart for compatibility.

They are not lighting up.

You may be using the non-compatible dimmer, or the connection is lost.

Replace batteries or Check connections.

Loose connection; the battery is dead or dying.Or the light may not be plugged in correctly and isn’t switched on.


Voltage of power supply is low; Battery of RGB controller is dying If lights are connected with dimmer

Check the lights and driver match voltage;Replace old batteries,

Won’t Chase or Flash.

Dimmers stop strip light from chasing or flashing. Voltage Drop

Disconnect them from the circuits,

At the end of the strip, the light is different.

Backward Connection

Use multiple LED drivers to divide your strip light run. Per driver max 16 feet

RGB Light stays at one color,

Voltage is high.

Flip around and reconnect your strip light

hot to touch.

Check the voltage of driver match and lights

Bad Pin Connection

If your LED strip lights are unable to turn on, check the pin connections to make sure that they are connected.

Why won’t my led lights turn on?

There are various reasons why your light is not working properly or turning on. You may be using the wrong power source or driver.