What is Ambient Lighting – Don’t overlook it

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What do you do first? When you walk into the room at night, you turn on the light, right? 

Now, think about the first light switch you’ll search for. Most likely, this switch is connected to the main ambient lighting.  

Ambient lighting, accent lighting, and task lighting are the primary three forms of lighting fixtures used to enhance an area. A perfect lighting plan can use all three types of lighting to brighten up a room based on style and purpose. However, accent and task lighting mainly focus on a single function, and ambient lights provide broad illumination to a room. Never underestimate that sort of illumination. 

Accent lighting

What is Ambient Lighting?

The term ambient lighting refers to general lighting. This lighting has the main lights we generally use to illuminate the whole space. 

Ambient lighting sets the mood in the area. The amount of light defines whether a space is homely, more chilling, a little darker, or bright. 

Floor and table lights also help to brighten up the room. There are some occasions when these are considered a task light. Accent and task lights come in the circle when you have a small area with limited space and don’t require to illuminate the entire area. 

Ambient lighting is the most fundamental form of lighting of all three. Sometimes, it also plays as a substitute for a natural light that comes through the window. 

It is practically indirect lighting and soft light reflected off the ceiling. Ambient lights fill the area with equal lighting, remove shadows from faces, draw people in, and open up the interior. This may be created in various ways. 

what is ambient lighting

Examples of Ambient Lighting

Recessed ceiling lights


Floor lamp



Track lighting

Ambient LED downlights

Ceiling fan light kits 

Table lamp

Wall sconces 

best ambient lighting fixtures

Things to Consider When Selecting Ambient Lighting 

To experience the best lighting results, consider these variables for each room when selecting the ambient lights. 

Choose your desired location.

The first step is to select the important location where you want to install the lighting. Keep the ambient lighting well balanced and distributed, so avoid illuminating only one space of the room and leave the remaining in darkness. If you have tiny places that are a little dark, you can easily illuminate them later with task and accent lightings such as strip and lamp lights. 

The most common spaces of your place that may require lighting are reading rooms, coffee tables, seating areas, plants, pathways, bookcases, and fireplaces. 


Color Temperature

It is essential to choose a suitable color temperature for mood lighting. Create a soothing and welcome ambiance, and warm white LED lights with a relaxing yellow glow are a better choice. 

ambient lighting Colour temperature

The color temperature of the light is measured in kelvins, ranging from 2000K to 6500K. However, the recommended color temperature of the LEDs ranges from 2000k (flame white ) to 3000k (warm white) for your ambient lights. This kind of lighting creates cozy atmospheres around living and dining spaces while providing enough illumination for every area.

Color Rendering Index 

Color rendering index (CRI) in LEDs refers to the ability of the light to show the actual color of objects compared to the sunlight. It ranges on a scale of 0, with CRI being the lowest and 100 being the highest, which only comes with sunlight, the lighting technology has not achieved this yet. 

We suggest having a minimum of 75 CRI lights for the better appearance of the objects under the light. But if you are using the LED light at commercial places such as clothing stores, restaurants, and supermarkets, try using light with a CRI of 90 or above to show the true colors of the items you are serving or selling. 


Because the lighting tone of the day is gonna be different from the evening mood, you may need this feature to dim the lights as per your mood or space. In addition, these lights are ideal for increasing or decreasing the illumination as per your need and comfort. 

Dimmable LED lights


Therefore, we have explained all the details about the ambient lighting and why you shouldn’t overlook it. This lighting works in different moods and enhances the ambiance of the area. See all the factors and details about this lighting before purchasing it. We have tried to cover most of the things which are necessary to know about this lighting. Choose ambient lights as per your space requirements and needs to experience a comfortable illumination.

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