What is the Purpose and Usage of LED Flood Lights?

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Floodlights are made for outdoor purposes. You can easily find it at places where other artificial lights are placed. Some of the locations are theaters or concerts, outdoor playing fields, and big parking lots. It is an artificial light with a broad beam angle. There are professional sports that have installed floodlights at their stadiums for game hosting. In addition, LED flood lights are beneficial for both onfield player visibility and television broadcasting. 

Compared to traditional floodlights, LED flood lights offer better illumination and visibility at night. Besides event places, people install floodlights in their yards and gardens. It is a powerful lighting fixture for outdoor areas, ensuring better visibility and safety in darkness. However, floodlight is not just another type of lighting that throws broad light; it needs to have the ability to face unexpected weather conditions, such as frost or rain. Because of these reasons, you should only go for certified LED flood lights.       

Purpose of flood lights

Most people use LED flood lights for two main reasons: security and nighttime illumination. If you are looking for outdoor lighting for security reasons, you can choose LED flood lights with advanced technology such as photocell sensors, cameras with recording or motion sensors. 

Basically, these motion sensors detect movements within a specific range. As movement is detected, it automatically increases or dims the light. 

Photocell sensors are also called dusk to dawn as it detects sunlight and darkness, then automatically turn off in daylight and on themselves at night. This flood light can automatically illuminate your outside areas with these new technologies. 

Types of bulbs available

While everything mostly remains the same, the illumination and quality of floodlights depend on the type of bulbs it uses. Fluorescent and LED are the most common bulbs. However, LED flood lights are the most demanding and better bulb than fluorescent. LEDs have more brightness and durability than other lights. You should know which is best for your outside areas as a wrong bulb can fail your requirements and floodlights. 

what is a floodlight

LED Floodlights are also available in solar. Solar LED flood lights run by sun rays, but it doesn’t work in rains if it is not charged. Always choose motion sensor lights for the solar version; it will automatically get dim if there is no one around, saving energy. 

Usage of LED flood lights 

Floodlights are mainly for outdoor usage. However, it can be used as a Security light at all the outdoor areas, including courts, Gardens, lawns, Basket Ball Court, Parking lots, etc. flood lights come in high lumens to illuminate the unsafe zones and dark spots. To provide clear white light in the nighttime, it has a high color temperature. Compared to fluorescent lights, LED flood lights consume less energy and produce more brightness to prevent any mishap. 

Things to see in LED flood lights

  • IP65 Floodlights, this rating shows that the product can sustain in bad weather conditions, dust, small particles, and water ingress. 
  • Having features like dusk to dawn and motion sensor is an advantage. 
  • If you have a bigger area size, always go for the higher lumens to have brightness.
  • Choose volts as per your requirement.
  • Check other certifications such as ETL, UL Listed, RoHS Compliant, ETL Listed, DLC Listed, and Energy Star Certified.


LED flood lights are the best choice to illuminate large areas such as parking lots, concert halls, sports fields, etc. But people are also using them in yards. LED floodlights have a long lifespan than other lights. Especially if you go for an advanced technology model, it will enhance your security with motion sensors and a camera. You can purchase LED lights online and take professional suggestions for a better understanding of lights. 

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