What to Consider Before Buying LED Flood Lights?

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The demand for highly energy-efficient lighting systems has increased around the world. As a result, LED outdoor lights are gaining popularity. 

Traditional outdoor lighting is inefficient, pricey, and outdated, so people switch to outdoor LED flood lights. These are becoming more popular and everyone’s choice for various reasons. Get the best quality outdoor flood lights if you are a building contractor, homeowner, electrician, wholesaler, and lighting supplier that suit your customer’s needs. 

There are so many outdoor flood lights available in the market; how do you choose the right one. Check out the LED flood lights guide to buy the best light to illuminate your outdoor areas. 

Things You Should Consider Before Buying LED Flood Lights

LED lights have replaced traditional lighting from various locations and are the most effective lighting solution. However, there are some essential factors you should understand and consider before buying. 

Things You Should Consider Before Buying LED Flood Lights

Lumens and Wattage

Most people get confused about how many lumens and wattage they will need. But, of course, they know the more significant the area, the more the light required. 

The amount of power LED flood light project is called wattage. The watts can range between 15 to 400 watts, and the lumens depend on the wattage. The brightness of the light is called lumens. 

Color Temperature-

This is denoted by the Kelvin, which is basically the temperature of the color light projects. LED floodlights typically come in two measurements, such as 5700K and 6000K. You can choose the color temperature as per your preference, some people prefer neutral light, and some choose daylight white light. 

Energy Efficiency 

This is the main reason why people switch from incandescent bulbs to LED lights. Because Ordinary bulbs consume more energy for a similar amount of illumination, Outdoor LED flood lights can save a good amount of money on energy bills. 


Dusk to Dawn Lights

This is the best feature of the LED lights that help in saving energy and time. The photocell sensors help automatically switch on the lights in the darkness and off in the sunlight. This stops the wastage of electricity in the sunlight and saves both energy and time. Always check the Light specs and description to ensure that the outdoor flood light is compatible with the photocell. 

Safety Certification and Warranty

Safety is the first thing you should consider when purchasing the outdoor light. Ensuring maximum safety is necessary, so always check that the light has UL and DLC certifications. These are the independent organizations that conduct outstanding safety checks on lighting products to ensure the lighting system’s quality, energy efficiency, and safety. 

Although LED lights are famous for longevity, durability, and safety, some poor or cheaper quality brands may not follow this. So Always choose the reputed manufacturers that offer outdoor LED flood lights, which come with proper safety certification and minimum 5 years of warranty. A warranty ensures that the product is good and lasts long and can be replaced if damaged internally. 


We have already explained everything that is necessary to understand before buying the flood lights. Still, we suggest checking and ensuring all the essential factors such as quality, lumens, wattages, color temperature, safety, energy efficiency, and warranty for better lighting performance. Then, choose all these things according to the size of your outdoor areas where you want to install the LED flood lights.

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