White or Yellow Light: Which Tube Light is Best for Eyes?

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The LED lights are generally categorized in two different classes according to the color of the light. Some people choose yellow lighting for reading and study purposes, while others prefer white. The vital question which arises is which color influences your mood and concentration. The LED tube lights color having a color temperature of 3000K is prominently used for the interiors.

Some experts recommend that yellow color lights below 3000K are the best option available for night reading.  It is generally recommended that yellow color lights be installed inside livi ng rooms, dining spaces, and bedrooms. They create a more comfortable and relaxing environment inside the residential area. Let’s check the features required to make a favorable lighting environment for the interiors. 

Color temperature

Correlated color temperature (CCT) is the scale used to measure the level of the light color. It helps to determine the amount of blue light is present in the light source.

The scale starts from the warm range of 1800K to the coldest available at the range of 6500K. Thus, there are three kinds of light temperatures available. 

warm white light, soft white light
Type of lightColor temperature rangeBenefits
Warm light 2500K-3000KBest for reading purpose
Natural light4900K-6500KComfortable working environment
Cold light6500KImproved brightness level

The cold light with the correlated color temperature (CCT) of 6500K is preferable at the workplace and does not interfere with the individual’s circadian rhythm. 

Warm light vs. cool light

Research stud

y has shown that the warm lights are more effective and comfortable for the eyes when reading. It is because it contains less blue light, which creates a more relaxing effect on the individual. 

cool white, warm ehite

Natural light

Natural sunlight is much more effective than artificial ones. If the individual spends 10 to 20 minutes outside, the brightness stimulates Vitamin D and serotonin production and keeps the individuals healthy and happy. 

Natural light brings positiveness to your mood, enhances work efficiency, and strengthens your bone density. 

Yellow light

It is also known as the warm light and a perfect choice for individuals. The illumination is more relaxing to your eyes and is an excellent option for reading purposes or performing other activities. 

You need to install yellow lights in places where you go for relaxation or to read a book. The primary benefit of yellow light is that they don’t harm the melatonin production in your body. 

White light

Generally, this kind of illumination is direct and cold. The lights help the individual to stay focused in the daytime. These lights fixtures are best for commercial establishments and office environments. 

One can also utilize these lights fixtures for residential purposes too. If the white light is too harsh, you can choose the yellowish-white below 3500K.  

White light

White light is also considered a cold and direct form of illumination. These light fixtures help you to concentrate better and direct on your tasks.

The light fixtures with white lighting are generally used in kitchen areas, office spaces, and bathrooms. 

You can pick the yellowish-white lights with the CCT of 3500K for better performance. 

Blue light

One should always know that the blue light is always above the level of 5000K and continuous exposure to these kinds of lights decreases melatonin production in your body. 

Exposure to cold white or blue light can have an adverse effect on the individual. For example, the sleep pattern can be delayed due to exposure to cold white. 

It is also seen that prolonged exposure to blue light can cause permanent damage to the eyes. So if you feel irritated at the day end, try to switch to better lighting for your interiors. 

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